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Kenya Safaris

Kenya, an enticing country, has continued to draw people from many lands to its shores and airports - lured by tales of yester years that continue to fascinate the traveler to this land of "White Mischief." From the azure waters of the Indian Ocean in the East of the country across the Great Rift Valley as you travel west to the fresh waters of Lake Victoria - Africa largest inland sea - there is a customized safari for each traveler that books a trip with us; From the snow-peaks of Mt Kenya to the wonderland of the world famous Maasai Mara Game Park the fascination of this country of untold adventure abounds. The Maasai, the Samburu, the Turkana, the Pokot and their rich culture cannot be forgotten when we talk about safaris to Kenya.

Uganda Holidays

Uganda is better known to tourists as the land of the mountain gorilla. This, however is only one of the attractions of this land that was once described by Sir Winston Churchill as the "Pearl of Africa." It is also land to chimpanzees, antelopes of various species, lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, hippos, crocodiles and many more wildlife species. This East African country also has one of the highest diversities of avifauna drawing bird-watcher into the country in droves.

Uganda is home to the source of the River Nile, Lake Victoria. The snow peaked Mount Rwenzori and the Mt Elgon to the East offer wonderful opportunities to the mountain climbing aficionado. Not to be forgotten are the famous Abaganda people with their rich culture; the Abanyoro and the Abasoga with their kingdoms. Those who are interested in African culture therefore have plenty to choose from.

Tanzania Tours

Tanzania is most famous for the vast Serengeti National Park , stretching out for almost 13,000sq km. But there is so much more to this most fascinating country. Ngorongoro Crater, a World Heritage Site, is home to a host of wildlife that makes the crater floor their natural habitat. Tanzania’s Rift Valley features the popular Lake Manyara and Tarangire Parks while Ruaha and the Selous in the southern part of Tanzania are spectacular, with abundant game.

To the coast, the 'spice island' of Zanzibar is well worth visiting with excellent deep sea diving sites off the coral reef in Pemba Island. Possibly the most well-known sight of all is the snowcapped tip of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa Highest Peak.

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